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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today I am beginning a new blog. I started one almost 2 years ago and have not posted anything since, so..... it kind of disappeared on me and I can't remember my password. Anyway, I am starting off fresh.
It's summer and HOT !!!! I try not to go outside unless it is to run to the car or water my few potted flowers. I want a pool in my own backyard to swim at my leisure. OK - anyone out there in Mesa with a cute 4 bedroom home and a pool in the backyard let me know and I may be in the market to buy at the right price. I'm serious!!!
I've been kind of busy this summer. As a teacher I need to take classes to keep up my certification and had an opportunity to take a week long class in cool Flagstaff, Arizona with a few of my teacher friends. It was about integrating the arts (music, art, drama, dance) in your curriculum. I enjoyed the class and learned a number of wonderful things which I plan to use with my students.
I am moving from Kindergarten (which I have taught for the last 5 years) to 1st grade. So.... I have been a little busy reading over manuals and creating new materials for my new adventure. I'm a little nervous, but also excited. I met my kids the last week of school and look forward to getting to know them.
I also got called to be the 1st counselor in our Relief Society Presidency in May. This was a surprise and, I hate to admit, something I was not looking forward to ~ especially while beginning a new curriculum at school . I kind of stress out in situations at times. (Just ask my kids and husband.) I hope my Heavenly Father will bless me. Anyway, with this calling comes responsibilities, namely giving a lesson every 3 months. My first lesson is this coming Sunday and it will be on missionary work. I really didn't know the other ladies in the Presidency before, but we are now becoming good friends and I can say I love each one and know I will learn much from their fine examples. Heavenly Father is also helping me feel better about serving and I know he will bless me as I do my part. We have been visiting some of the new sisters in our ward, which is probably my favorite part of being in the Presidency.
Desiree, my youngest, has been working on her Personal Progress for Young Women's this summer. I am very pleased with her determination and diligence in doing this. Our ward began a Students Trying Elijah's Promise ( Called STEP) program for the youth and she has been very involved in this. Go to her blog and you can read about the work she has been doing with this. Desiree's excitement has been catchy and I have enjoyed going to the Family History Center with her a few times. Trent, Alyssa, & Desi spent a morning at the Temple doing a number of baptisms and I have been able to do a little initiatory and endowment work there. She will use this as one of projects in Personal Progress. She is also working on a quilt, reading the Book of Mormon, helping me organize my new classroom and putting together some materials, and we will put in a small garden this Fall. Once these are accomplished along with some simple goals she will have her Personal Progress.
Trent and Alyssa are home from BYU for the summer. They are both fortunate to have jobs they can return to each summer. Trent manages and life guards at the Salt River Pool on the Indian Reservation in Lehi. Alyssa works at Camp Fiesta for Special Needs children and teens. They both enjoy their work and I enjoy having them home for the summer. We are cramped in our tiny house (another reason I want a new home) with all their belongings but I cherish the time they can come home ~ it may be one of their last.
Kristin and Ryan are in Tucson. Kristin graduated from BYU-Idaho a couple of years ago and was sitting next to her brother in a singles ward with Ryan on the other side of Trent. Ryan asked Trent who she was and their romance, courtship, love, and marriage went from there. We feel very fortunate to have Ryan in our family. He is in Pharmacy school at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He is an awesome student and seems to enjoy all of his classes. Kristin works for a medical insurance company and seems to stay pretty busy with work, cooking, motorcycle classes, and other adventures newly weds are able to do.
I guess I should write something about my husband Rogers. Well, he is a good guy. Works at home for USAirways so he is able to take Desiree to school and back and take care of our 2 cats so they don't get lonely during the day.
Well.... my first blog....

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