The Family

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer trip to Idaho

I have always come to Idaho for a week or more during the summer. The kids would always come with me until they got older and had summer jobs. So now it is usually just Desi and me. This year Alyssa had a week off so she was able to come up for a few days. She left this morning and I am already missing her, just as I would miss any of my kids.
We flew into Salt Lake City on Monday morning then caught another flight on a smaller plane to Idaho Falls. It use to be that my mom would drive down and pick us up. When Ellen & Craig lived in SLC we would usually spend one or two nights there first then drive on up to Shelley. Ellen and her kids would come too. I miss those days. After Ellen and Craig move to Fallbrook, CA we would still fly up and spend a night with Curtis in Pleasant Grove, UT. Mom is getting older now and doesn't like to drive alone to Utah now so last year Desiree and I took the shuttle to Idaho and back again to catch our flight back home.
On Tuesday we drove to Jackson Hole and ate lunch. We took pictures and shopped at a little gift store. I bought a pair of moose earrings. Moose are one of my favorite wild animals. I don't know why, maybe because the seem tall and awkward ~ kindof like me. Then we drove on up to West Yellowstone stopping at various scenic spots to take pictures of the Tetons, a lake, or some of the wildlife. We saw 2 buffaloes and a few elk. We don't see bears like we use to when I was a little girl. We also stopped at Old Faithful, but didn't stay long. We have seen it many times and didn't want to miss the show in West Yellowstone. That evening in West Yellowstone we ate at our favorite pizza place there then watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Playmill Theaters. Both are traditions from long ago. It was a good day.


  1. I miss the days of going to Shelley when we were younger with everyone. But, I do love that we are still able to keep some tradition and went to the playmills and ate the best pizza!!

  2. I am so glad you could enjoy the family tradition. We miss it. Now we have to start some of our own.

  3. And Alyssa licked the ranch off the plate again! Yum!!!

  4. I miss those days too. Maybe we can get everyone up there again some day... I miss that pizza.